Group IT - Head of IT Vendor, Contract and Asset Management


London, ENG, GB, W1H 6AZ

Job ID:  55130
Estimated Travel:  0 - 25%
Contract Type:  Employee
Talent Area:  IT



Purpose of Role

We are seeking an experienced and skilled professional to join our organization as the Head of IT Vendor, Contract and Asset Management Services. As a vital member of our ITSM leadership team, you will be responsible for managing and optimizing our relationships with external vendors, ensuring the efficient execution of IT contracts and managing Ardagh’s IT Assets throughout their lifecycle. Your strategic vision, negotiation prowess, and strong analytical abilities will be crucial in driving value and cost savings for the company.


Key Responsibilities

Vendor Management - Own, develop and maintain strong relationships with IT vendors, acting as the primary point of contact for all vendor-related matters. Create and implement review cadence. Design supplier matrix for determining level of engagement.

Contract Negotiations - Together with procurement leading negotiations for IT contracts, ensuring favorable terms and conditions that align with the company's needs and objectives.

Contract Administration - Oversee the entire contract lifecycle, from initiation to termination, ensuring operational compliance, value achieved and timely renewal/ renegotiation/reselection.

Performance Evaluation - Evaluate vendor performance as dictated by VMO matrix and cadence, identify, and track key performance indicators and conducting vendor scorecard assessments and reviewing with stakeholders and suppliers.

Risk Management - Identify and mitigate potential risks associated with vendors, contracts, and services, ensuring business continuity and security.

Cost Optimisation - Analyse vendor costs and contracts, identifying opportunities for cost savings, efficiency improvements, Consolidation opportunities and overall value for the organization.

Compliance and Legal - Ensure vendor and contract compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and company policies.

IT Procurement Strategy - Collaborate with procurement teams to develop and implement IT procurement strategies aligned with business objectives.

Asset Management - To oversee and manage Ardagh’s IT assets throughout their lifecycle. 

Stakeholder Engagement - Work closely with internal stakeholders, including IT teams, legal, finance, and business units, to address vendor-related issues and requirements and drive better vendor/contract performance.

Vendor Diversity - Promote and support vendor diversity initiatives to foster an inclusive and diverse supplier base.



  • Experience in Hardware, Software, Services and Staff Augmentation vendor management
  • Minimum seven years of experience in IT vendor management is needed, including management of third-party vendors, in-depth sourcing, and commercial expertise.
  • Strong analytical skills and experience in vendor pricing methods, rate cards and pricing methodologies
  • Experience with drafting and executing vendor scorecards.

About Ardagh Group

Ardagh Group is a global leader in metal and glass packaging solutions, producing packaging for the world’s leading brands. We trace our roots all the way back to the Irish Glass Bottle Company, founded in 1932. Since then we have grown rapidly to a team of more than 20,000 people with revenues of almost $10 billion. Today we have a presence across Europe, Africa and the Americas.


  • Did you know that Ardagh produce many of the beverage cans and bottles you drink your favourite beverages from?
  • Did you know we produce metal and glass packaging which are permanent materials, meaning they can be infinitely recycled without any loss of quality?
  • Did you know we produce more than 160 million containers per day?


Ardagh is passionate about sustainability and have a reputation for innovation. We push the boundaries of what’s possible, pioneering new production methods, new design techniques and new ways to recycle and save energy. Our aim is to reduce any negative environmental impact whilst remaining economically sustainable and socially responsible.

We believe that the success of our business depends on the success of our people. We strive to create working environments where our employees feel valued, can work to their full potential, and where their achievements are celebrated.

Here at Ardagh, we offer exciting and rewarding opportunities for talented and creative people. If you have ambition and want to make an impact with your career, come and join our team, you’ll enjoy the journey!

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