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Quality Control Technician 1


Whitehouse, OH, US

Job ID:  31046
Estimated Travel:  0%
Contract Type:  Permanent
Talent Area:  Quality

Quality Control Technician

Primary Function:            Perform any and all types of inspections as assigned, including gauge and instrument inspection of goods in process and finished product. Tend automatic pallet strapping and related equipment.

Tools and Equipment:     Inspection gauges, instruments, test equipment and computer systems. Automatic strapping equipment, consoles, conveyors, turntable, pallet hook and various hand tools.  Automatic and manual stretch/shrink wrapping equipment.

Material:                            Pallet loads of cans, pallets, top frames, layer pads, strapping supplies, testing solution, and pallet tickets, HFI tickets, etc.

Source of Supervision:    Department Supervisor

Education:                       This job requires a minimum of high school diploma or GED.


Working Procedure:

  1. Actuate controls to move pallet loads of cans through automatic or manual control sequence and when changing strapping as required.
  2. Observe operation of strapping and related equipment, stop and start as required.
  3. Clear jams in assigned equipment, re-thread strap as necessary.
  4. Perform visual inspection where some judgment is required to determine quality of product and limits are defined.
  5. Check pallet loads for missing or obviously defective cans. Replace missing or defective cans. Check pallet and top frames and pallet alignment and correct if necessary.
  6. Check straps on finished pallet loads for proper tension and seals. Adjust tension as required.
  7. Ensure the placement of labels.
  8. Replenish supply of strap, seals and thread when necessary.
  9. Perform any specifically assigned routine checks, tests, gauge and instrument inspections where results are compared with numerical or fixed standards and findings are reported to designated inspection or operating personnel who will make an analysis and take necessary action.
  10. Complete necessary reports and enter into computer.
  11. Count records, and dispose of spoilage in designated manner. Post production and cause of delays.
  12. Monitor the production process at prescribed intervals to inspect the process product characteristics according to established quality control procedures. Inspect in-process and finished product with the use of prescribed laboratory equipment, gauges and instruments; and compares the results to the established specifications; read and record various process data into prescribed forms or charts.
  13. Verify through inspection and tests the adherence to established specification of incoming materials, all in-process product and finished product including packaging. Generate action which will prevent the use of materials in the process that do not meet and conform to established specifications or have not been approved for usage. Verify that only approved materials, labels, etc. are used in the process.
  14. Inform maintainers and supervisors of specific quality problem and suggest possible causes or facts which will aid in their corrections and assist production personnel whenever possible.  Refer unusual or critical needs to supervisor.
  15. Perform routine checks and maintain all test equipment through preventive maintenance programs prescribed by the Q.C. dept. Keep working area clean and orderly.
  16. Direct and assist in sorting segregated and questionable material that is out of specifications.
  17. Perform detailed visual inspection where considerable judgment is required to determine quality of product and limits are not clearly defined. Examine product, remove defectives and place acceptable product back into line. Record related data as required.
  18. Maintain color standards and prepare run standards.
  19. Perform gauge maintenance, gauge verifications, gauge R&R.
  20. Validate printer change-overs/label changes.
    1. Ensure all standards are in place and can meets requirements.
    2. Validate date codes and UPC
  21. Validate line clearing at label changes.
  22. Perform all camera/light tester verification, including making test cans
  23. Find all HFI cut-offs.  Perform re-sampling and product segregation.
  24. Perform additional quality checks as required or directed.
  25. Perform internal audits of quality checks.
  26. Operate equipment and assist production as needed.



Nearest Major Market: Toledo